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Fanny Pack Revival

The Fanny Pack Revival

Fanny pack or belt bag for some is one of the most ridiculed members of the handbag family. But most people do not know that the ‘bumbag’, as it is called outside the United States, is making a huge comeback in the fashion bag industry. The much sleeker and stylish version of fanny pack is making waves among bag aficionados than its retro predecessor.

Ever since it made its debut in the early 80’s, fanny pack has been through a lot of stages and design innovations. From the neon phase of the 80’s to the nerdy hip hop stage of the 90’s and the high fashion of the early 2000’s, the fanny pack has definitely seen it all.

During the early 80’s, one of the most iconic and yet practical trends in fashion was the neon fanny pack. Before becoming a tourist indicator, fanny packs were first a symbol of style and functionality. Where would people back in the day keep their coins for payphones? In a fanny pack, of course.

Before they were a surefire indicator of a tourist, fanny packs were an emblem of style. We mean, where else would people keep their spare change for payphones? A multiplicity of colors and patterns inspired as many fans and haters, the fanny pack altered the accessory game.

But one thing is for sure, fanny packs are back and they are in for a major revival.

Fanny Pack Trend

The fanny pack trend has been gradually picking up momentum not only on the streets but on fashion runways too. Instead of fizzling out, just like most trends, fanny packs are gearing towards a resurgence and it keeps on getting bigger. Major labels like Gucci and Nike are coming out with their own versions and other small players in the fashion industry are also putting out their own versions with more flair and refined style compared to the bags we have enjoyed in the past.

Fanny pack designs range from a traditional polyester pouch with a typical horizontal zipper to a more luxurious handbag with elegant belt straps. With their revival, fanny packs are also able to draw interest from different genders. Although these bags were prominent during the women’s spring fashion this year, it has also become a major trend among men who sport a new way of wearing them across the chest or over the shoulder instead of around the waist.

These bags now fit into a wider embrace of versatile and practical items at the moment and they also tie in perfectly with the current fashion enthusiasm to elevate what was once considered ugly. The growing popularity of streetwear, which has introduced fanny packs in the past, may also be one of the factors for its growing acceptance.

Another remarkably glorified fashion accessory for the last couple of years is the fanny pack created by Louis Vuitton in partnership with another popular streetwear label Supreme. On fashion runways, models are seen wearing them dangling across their bodies not the typical around-the-waist type.

Functionality in Fashion

Although fanny packs have earned a not so good fashion status since the 90s, they are making a major revival and are more stylish than ever. Even Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander Wang have included this trend on the runway and a lot of fashion experts have predicted it to be the must-have bag for this coming year. The hands-free convenience offered by fanny packs only doubled its functionality and practicality and provided great ease for having all your items within arm’s reach.

A lot of people wear fanny packs because of how practical these bags are. It offers additional storage while offering easy access. With all your essentials in one place, it is easy to look for any one of them because everything is literally in front of you. Compared to a traditional backpack, you would be compelled to take it off your back before you can open it when you are looking for something you need to take out. If you are visiting a theme park with your family, you can also have it with you when you go on a ride.

Fanny packs offer a chic solution to lugging all your essentials around the city. And while it may not seem a status symbol exactly, fanny packs are definitely great in functionality and practicality which is more important if you are not a celebrity. It also offers security because all your belongings are close to you and you can easily feel if someone is trying to open it without your consent.

Fashion trends continue to evolve and while some fail to make a major comeback, fanny packs are among the most versatile and classic bags that will be around for generations to come. With or without a Gucci label on the front.

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