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Respect the Fanny Pack

Respect the Fanny Pack

To Americans, it is the fanny pack. To the Brits, it is the bum pack. The name is derived from how it was worn; right above the backside. That, however, was too much of a hassle as it was very easy to be pickpocketed, and reaching around your back to open it up was no walk in the park either. Solution? Turn it to rest on the front side of course! Irony aside, these fashion items (at least at the time) were all the rage in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The wardrobe must-have then faded into obscurity, being relegated to old-timers’ fashion and an embarrassment to the general fashion community. That is until 2017, however, and like a phoenix from the ashes of 90s fashion, it rose.

So Why Wear a Fanny Pack?

Why not? Every fashion-forward celebrity and their mother is rocking these bad boys again. The fanny pack is back and in a big way. Believe it or not, it was one of the most sought-after items on eBay last year. This throwback trend has bubbled under for a couple of years amongst fashion’s elite, thanks to top-tier fashion houses, but have now entered the realm of affordable, mainstream fashion. Assume you’re attending a concert or on a trip to Disneyland, bum bags are your best friend. Reasons?

The Comfort

It’s a bag that goes around your waist. Of course, it is comfortable. Forget neck and shoulder strains from wearing the traditional backpack. As it only carries the essentials, you will not be tempted to overpack as you would be with a larger bag.

The Convenience

The convenience of a fanny pack cannot be overstated. A small bag translates to a small amount of time at security checks. With all your essentials (phone, keys, wallet, lipstick, glasses, snacks) conveniently tucked away in the bum pack, not only will you be able to walk properly, but also save the time you’d normally use to empty your pockets, (and the time to stick them back in). Everything is literally right in front of you. This is unlike the backpack you’d have to take off first and open up to find whatever it is you were looking for. Also, there is no need to remove it when going on a ride!

The Hands-Free Experience

Do you need to put your hands in the air like you just don’t care? Go ahead! Do you need to hold on for dear life on the rollercoaster ride? You probably should! Do you need to pick up a child? You most definitely can. Fanny packs leave your arms open to doing any other thing. Also, if you need to be in a quick photo, your hands are free to cover up the fanny pack. But why hide it?

The Security

The fanny pack is zipped shut and always in your sights. If it is not, that is an oversight on your end, and you have no one else to blame. The fanny pack deters pickpockets from, well, picking your pocket in those crowded concerts and Disneyland ‘streets’.

Accessorizing your Outfit

Fanny packs are stylish and could accessorise whatever it is you are wearing. Batman t-shirt with a Batman approved fanny pack. Disneyland merchandise with a Minnie Mouse fanny pack. They can also be worn however you wish to, be it cross shoulder or in a much more traditional fashion. The choice is yours. Stand out from the crowd!

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